Well sometime ago I purchased the domain http://www.18th-edition-wiring-regulations.co.uk/ ready for the 18th edition, when ever that maybe.  The site gets quite a lot of traffic to it so the past week I have updated the site with quite a bit more information and even a new look.   As many of you electrical people will know there is no such thing “yet” as the 18th edition of the wiring regs but if things keep moving the way they are I can see the 18th edition come out very soon.  For the mean time the site has mostly information relevant to the current 17th edition and of cause will be updated with any information on the 18th edition as and when its available.
In the mean time I did plan to do a separate site for the 17th edition of the wiring regulations ( see http://www.systemtek.co.uk/sub-sites/17th-edition/ ) but I have only just started this and there is nothing really on this site at the moment, but watch this  space I will update it as soon as I get the time.  These type of information sites seem very popular with web visitors so I will continue to give them what they want !.

By Duncan

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