There is quite a lot of talk on various webmaster forums about the site and if it actually works or not.  As with many things like this you have to give it a try or take the word of someone who has tried it before.  The site claims to be quite new, and this appears to be true.  What they say is that your web site will be submitted to over 10 million classifieds, directories and social networks.  It will also ping your site over 3000 times to get a higher page rank.

This service is up for sale direct on there website or via eBay for £7-£10.  On eBay it appears to have good feedback, but as with many of these things, you can’t feedback straight away as it takes time for your site to be posted around the net and indexed.

I have decided to give this a try with one of my sites (not this blog!) based on it’s current Alexa ranking of 7,909,15 with 18 linking sites, I will be interested to see if this improves over the next month or so, in terms of actual visitors that I can monitor in the server logs, search engine index’s, back links and Adsense.   I will wait one month and report back on this topic. 

If you have used this service please let me know or if you have any questions about how it works I will be happy to answer.  Please note that I do not own that site or have any association with it, other than I am a user of there services.

By Duncan

3 thought on “Does work ?”
  1. I am quite interested in the results of this test. I was thinking of trying it out on one of my domains to see what the results would be. The problem I can see is that search engines like google have advanced Algorithms which I would imagine would stop this kind of abuse.

  2. Hi, Well my traffic did get better on Alexa around that time, it has gone back to how it was before, i dont seem to get that much more traffic, and the main thing is i have not made more money from the 10millionlinks which was the point of my test to see if i got more traffic that generated in more money from my test site and it didnt.

  3. Hi I have used for some time and have found the 10 million links submission works best as a SEO keyword tool to increase your search engine ranking for your keywords you can use to check your search engine for your keywords.
    over 12 weeks my website now has a top 20 ranking in a lot of search engines, as submit to small search engines the traffic from some of the links will not show up on all traffic stats plus this means you will not get penalized by google. over all its a good submission for the money but but dont expect 10 millions in one week. over time I have made a lot over sales but the sales come from google, yahho and bing this is because my search engine ranking has increased from the submission,

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