Is anyone else having the same problems as me with Adsense ?, lets say you have a site that is a reasonable good one for Adsense per click, all of a sudden this week payments per click drop from between 0.50p – £1.50 to 0.02p per click ! This is bad its adding years to my retirement plans.

To me it makes no sense, the same type of adverts are been shown, apx the same number of impressions and apx the same number of clicks, come on Google whats wrong ?  No one seems to have a real answer for this.

If you have this problem then there is a number of reasons for low paying clicks such as :-

– There is a lot of sites that advertise that pay very low amount per click.
– You have to work hard on the AdSense placement and color optimization on your site. Using some AdSense optimization tips you can easily improve your CTR which can later result in higher AdSense income.
Anyone else having any issues or any tips to share ?

By Duncan

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