How to publish an FTP site via Microsoft TMG 2010

This is a working example of how I managed to publish a IIS7 FTP server via Microsoft TMG 2010.    If you have done this in Microsoft ISA Server 2006 etc then it is almost the same, to get this working I followed the Microsoft guide at
During the testing I ran into a few problems, these maybe related the FTP client I was using at the time, but from reading other web posts they are common issues with most FTP clients.
First error I got was “530 Valid hostname is expected” in FileZilla to fix this I went back to the IIS server and removed the hostname from the bindings as per
Once I got past that I hit another error in FileZilla “Failed to retrieve directory listing” this was resolved by setting FileZilla to Active in the settings as per Now it is working I need to get it working as FTPS and fully external, once this is figured out I will update the blog with a how to guide for that.


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