How To Browse The Internet On The Nintendo DSi

Well someone asked me about this the other day, so i thought i would post it and share with the world.  It is documented but I remember when I first set the internet up on my Nintendo DSi I had a job locating this information.

The Nintendo DSi does not come pre-installed with a internet browser. To access the internet through your Nintendo DSi, you must first download the Nintendo DSi Browser from the Nintendo DSi Shop on your DSi.  It is free from the shop.

If you have downloaded the Nintendo DSi Browser and you would like to restrict access to browsing the internet, this can be done through the Parental Control settings of the system.

Note : When you go to the Nintendo shop you may be asked to update your firmware, be aware of this if you have a “card” (i.e R4, TT or AceKard etc) as this can stop it working and you may need to patch your card after (as I had to do this the first time with a AceKard)

More information on the Nintendo DSi browser here


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