Windows 8 Is Here…Sort Of

Well this week the big news in the PC world is Microsoft Windows 8, this is the code name for the new version of Windows, will it stick ? who knows wait and see.

The developer version is out now and you can take a look if you so wish, the best place to find OFFICIAL information on Windows 8 is at the Microsoft developer forums, and they have set a dedicated one up for Windows 8 here as i am typing this I keep getting tempted to put a 9 in front of the 8 ! There is also a good Microsoft blog here that explain some build processes etc worth a read. If your still interested than have a read of this also.

As soon as I find out any other good Windows 8 news I will update the world as normal, might even install the developer version and give it a try one day, if my PC will handle it.


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