Jimmy Savile Dies Age 84

Jimmy Savile has today died at the age of 84.  What many people dont know about him is that fact that he was the person who invented the “disco” and was the first real “dj”, as he said in a interview once about turntables when he was arranging a dance “wait a minute, have you got two? And they said yeah, why? I said I want them next to each other. They said you don’t need two Jim cos these are foolproof, they don’t break down. No, no, I says. When this record’s playing I want to get this one ready to play. Bloody hell, he says, are they in that much of a hurry? I said, yes my people are.  Nobody ever dreamed of putting two turntables. “

If you want to read more about how Jimmy Savile became a DJ I suggest you read this as its a really good look at his early life ( click here )


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