May Un Mar Lady Hits The Radio

The Sentinal cartoon that has been running for more than 20 years is due to be turned into a radio series with the help of 6 Towns Radio.  The idea came from 6 Towns Radio DJ Terry Bossons who said “After reading these cartoons all my life, I thought it would be great to breathe new life into them and came up with the radio play idea.”

The episodes, which last for roughly one minute, will appear on Terry’s Friday afternoon show, Bossons About, from 4pm. They will also be uploaded to the 6 Towns Radio website so people can listen again at any time.

The instalments will be aided by some well-known voices, including Nick Hancock, Pete Conway, Denis Smith and Wendy Turner Webster, who will take on the various roles, including publicans and barbers who pop up in the cartoons.

The voices for the famous bickering husband and wife will be real-life husband and wife team Nick and Maxine King, Nick who presents a Northern Soul show on 6 Towns Radio, said: “It feels good to be a part of it and I suppose I do have quite a strong Potteries accent”

The cartoon’s creator, Stafford-born Dave Follows, passed away in 2003 after losing his battle with cancer. Son Chris, aged 41, who lives in London, said: “We’re all really pleased to hear the May un Mar Lady characters come to life with real Stoke-on-Trent voices”

You can listen on-line to 6 Towns radio at


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