You may see a folder called “DPM_SYSTEM_STATE” on a client machine that DPM backs up, and in it should be a file servername.bkf

This is to do with the system state backup that is done by DPM.

 You can move the location of this to another drive as follows.

1.       Locate PSDataSourceConfig.xml ( usually c:Program FilesMicrosoft Data Protection ManagerDPMDatasources )

2.       Make a backup copy of this file ( not needed but is best practice )

3.       Locate “FilesToProtect”

Should now show as  <FilesToProtect>%SystemDrive%DPM_SYSTEM_STATE%computername%.bkf

Change to required path i.e.  <FilesToProtectD:DPM_SYSTEM_STATE%computername%.bkf

4.       On DPM Server Modify the protection group and run a consistency check.

5.       You can now delete the current file and when the backup is ran again it will go to the new location.


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