Microsoft Hotfix And Error Code 110

I recently downloaded a Microsoft hotfix, and came to install it and it started to extract and then came up with the error :-

The self-extracting zip file is part of a multidisk zip file. Please insert the last disk of the set.


You get no option other than to press “ok” and then you get another error

An error occured while unzipping. One or more files were not succesfully unzipped. The error code is 110.


I re downloaded the file again and got the same error, went to another PC re downloaded and got the same error.  The only thing I spotted was the file I downloaded should have been 11mb and it was only 940kb on the ones I had downloaded, at first I thought maybe the copy on the Microsoft site was corrupted, then I thought that’s not really going to happen.  All our PC’s all go out via a Microsoft TMG 2010 server and we had had problems in the past downloading certain files, but I thought this issue had gone away, but it seems not.  I re downloaded the file from a different internet link and it was then fine. 

Bit of a confusing error as you are lead to believe something is missing….


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