Bye Bye MSN Messenger

I was looking online tonight and I found this story  and this is the end for MSN messenger as we know it.

I was probably one of the first to use it back in 1999. Around that time I was using ICQ and AIM and a few other chat clients.  Me and my friends used to use Yahoo Chat a lot also. The problem was there was so many chat clients in the early 2000s that most of us had them all installed and running just so you could keep in touch with people. There was certain people who only used MSN and those who only used Yahoo and so on.  It was often my American friends that used AIM, so I had to run that as well.

For around 6-7 years I used AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ and IRC and all open and running happy together.  The one I disliked the most was ICQ don’t know why but I never liked it much.  I was a big fan of MSN, I used to make good use of the ability to log chats to text files, I still have all my Chats going back years saved in easy to read text files, they make for a good laugh every now and then.

So bye bye MSN Messenger I will miss you.  I have Skype, your new replacement but I don’t keep it open, if friends want me they ring my mobile or Facebook message me, things have moved on.


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