Unable to get device information – Error on Canon Printer Software

When using PIN codes on various Canon printers you may get the following if you are using a driver installed on a print server.   When printing from a print server direct it works ok, when you install the driver from the print server on your client PC’s  you get an error saying “Unable to get device information” after you enter your PIN code.
It took me some time to figure this out, after reading various posts online and trying a wide range of different drivers, on various print servers. In the end it was this post (http://www.copytechnet.com/forums/canon/45651-canon-ir5570-get-device-status-problem.html) that gave me the most clues as to how to get this working.   The printer I had was a Canon iR3235 but this affects a wide range of Canon devices.
I noticed if I turned the PIN option off in the driver  ( Right click printer select “Printer Properties” then “Device Settings” then untick “Dept ID Management” ) then it would print ok, So I knew the driver was ok and it was something related to the PIN.
The fix is to install something called “Canon DIAS” or “Driver Information Assist Service” or “DIASsetup.exe” as it is known. 
To start with you can not just download the one thing (as far as I know) you need to download a driver pack that contains this file.  I downloaded this – http://software.canon-europe.com/software/0042289.aspbut any UFR II driver pack should do.   It is in a folder called “misc” just extract the exe you download and you should find it.  You maybe in a corporate environment like me where each print server has a few hundred printers installed, so installing a 200MB full Canon driver pack is a big no no, past experience of this often causes more issues than it fix’s.  So installing just the DIAS is a lot better option, even though I had my doubts, it did fix the issue, and has not caused and other issues so far.
This can affect a wide range of Canon printers such as imagePRESS C1, imagePRESS C1+, imageRUNNER C1021i, imageRUNNER C1021iF, iR1018, iR1020, iR1022A, iR1022F, iR1022i, iR1022iF, iR1024A, iR1024F, iR1024i, iR1024iF, iR105Plus, iR2016, iR2016i, iR2018, iR2018i, iR2020, iR2020i, iR2022, iR2022i, iR2025, iR2025i, iR2030, iR2030i, iR2230, iR2270, iR2570C/Ci, iR2870, iR2870e, iR2870Ne, iR3025, iR3025Ne, iR3035, iR3045, iR3045Ne, iR3170C/Ci, iR3180C/Ci, iR3225, iR3235, iR3245, iR3530, iR3570, iR4570, iR4570e, iR4570Ne, iR5055, iR5065, iR5065Ne, iR5075, iR5570, iR5870C/Ci, iR5880C/Ci, iR6570, iR6570e, iR6570Ne, iR6870C/Ci, iR6880C/Ci, iR7086, iR7095, iR7105, iR8070, iR85Plus, iR9070, iRC1021i, iRC2380i, iRC2880, iRC3080/i, iRC3380. iRC3580/i, iRC3580Ne, iR C4080i, iR C4580i, iRC5185i, i-SENSYS FAX-L160, i-SENSYS FAX-L3000, i-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP, i-SENSYS LBP-3370, i-SENSYS LBP5970, i-SENSYS LBP5975, i-SENSYS LBP7750Cdn, i-SENSYS MF8450, i-SENSYS MF9130, i-SENSYS MF9170, LASER SHOT LBP3360, Laser Shot LBP3460, LaserShot LBP5960, LBP5360


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