Netherlands National Circus Girls Fall During Act

Went to see the Netherlands National Circus today at Trentham Gardens in Stoke on Trent, we had great ring side seats and could see everything, the show was good, with some very good acts.  During the second part there was two girls who were swing from a net which was hung from the roof, all of a sudden during the act there was a snap sound and the two girls fell from mid air and hit the floor and such speed.  They fell a good 10 feet or so, you could tell from there faces they were in serious pain.  The music cut, the lights fell and they were carried off the stage and the show went on.  After the show there was a number of ambulances outside the tent.  Hope they was ok.

The circus has a website at and they are in Stoke on Trent until the end of this week. Photo’s shown are of the show today, but not the girls fall.


8 thoughts on “Netherlands National Circus Girls Fall During Act

  1. i was there too. i think they should have said something at the end to say how they were. i have rang since but there was no news. they are both at hospital

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment, yes I was also expecting them to say something at the end of the show. I guess they would be in hospital it was a bad fall they had, i was at the front looked really bad.

  3. I think they should have said something to. Gosh I hope they are ok, it was one hell of a fall. My little girl keeps asking if they are ok and going on about the girls, it has definately upset her!

  4. I guess in a way they handled it quite good really, they didnt panic and dropped the lights for a second and carried them off as best they could and the show went on, i dont know about say something at the end of the show, would it panic the kids more ?, our kids thought it was part of the show, it was the adults who were saying it wasnt. These things happen i guess at times its part of there job to deal with such things best they can. Like others say i hope they are ok.

  5. We were there too, my daughter found it quite upsetting and realised they were hurt, she is only 2 and it seemed to really shake her. Hope they are ok.

  6. I'm not sure they should have moved them, should they?? I know they are professionals at what they do but one of the girls, im sure was upside down when she fell…surely there was some risk of head injury…im sure the audience would have understood a 5 min break while they waited for someone to say they were ok to be moved?? And i think they should have said something at the kids are 7 and 5 and yesterday they were still asking if i knew if they were ok x

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