Text Your Emergency To 999

Could it work ? Well following a year long volunatry trial of people being able to send text messages to emergency services Ofcom has proposed that it be made permanent and its availability mandatory on all networks.  There are about 14,500 registered users of the trial service who are predominantly deaf and speech-impaired people who find it difficult to use the phone. The trial has been successful with around one emergency text a day requiring attendance by the emergency services for situations such as strokes, heart attacks and childbirth.

Ofcom is proposing to safeguard the scheme by making it mandatory for mobile operators to provide it to registered users.  This would also bring the UK in line with new European regulations which requires access to emergency services for disabled people must be as close to that delivered to other consumers as the technology will allow.  While the emergency text scheme does have limitations, such as taking longer to converse by text than by phone, it offers greater equivalence than current alternatives.

I dont know how well it will work myself, how often do you send a text that never arrives ?


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