How to enable voicemail on a Samsung S6 on EE network

Here is how to enable voicemail on a Samsung S6 on EE, by default mine did not work, so had to figure this out. 
Enable Voicemail On Samsung S6 On EE
Step 1 – Enable Voicemail
Press “Phone”
Hold down “1” this will dial voicemail.
Press “2” for greetings and enable default or create custom one.
Step 2 – Enable Voicemail On Phone
Press “Phone” to enter phone settings (where you dial from)
Click “More”
Click “Settings”
Under “Call Settings” click “More Settings”
Click “Call forwarding”
Click “Voice Call”
Here you can select options, for example I have “Forward when unanswered” and “Forward when unreachable” set.
Enter +447953222222 as the number (this is EE voicemail) 


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