How to Transfer Text Messages From Samsung S2 to S4

Here is how I transferred all my text messages from my Samsung S2 to my Samsung S4.  Before I did this I transferred all my contacts over.

Please note there is a number of different ways to do this, as you will see if you read on-line this is how I did it.

1.  On the Samsung S2 open your contacts list, press the function button (bottom left) this will bring the menu up, select “Import/Export”

2. Select “Send namecard via” 

3. Select all contacts, then click “Send”

4.  Select Bluetooth.  Ensure that Bluetooth is enable and visible on your Samsung S4.  You can now transfer them via Bluetooth. 

5. Now onto the text messages, on both phones download a free app from the Google Play store called  SMS Backup & Restore ( )

6. Open the application on the Samsung S2 and select “backup” you need to tell it where to backup to, I put a old SD card into the phone for this task.

7. Once this had done, I took the SD card from the S2 and put it in the S4 and repeated the step this time did restore.  It successfully restored over 3000 messages with no errors at all.


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