Keep Upto Date With News From Japan

If like me you like your news and want to keep upto date on what is currently going on in Japan, then why not do what I do. I listen to NHK Japan in English via my internet radio, but you can also listen on your PC. If you have an internet radio you can find NHK Japan in English under Asia broadcasters. There is also a NHK TV channel avaliable on Sky.

If you want to listen on shortwave then you will need an international broadcast radio capable of receiving in the frequency range of 49mb (6MHz Band) and 13mb (21MHz Band). A radio equipped to receive domestic shortwave radio service does not have a wide enough shortwave band (usually between 3.9 MHz to 12 MHz) and is not adequate to receive Radio Japan. It can be found at 5975Khz or 9790Khz. The direct transmissions are made from KDDI’s Yamata transmission station in Ibaraki Prefecture. Relays are then made via 16 relay stations, located in countries including Britain and Singapore.


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