Protester Launches Attack On Rupert Murdoch

A protester who has tried to attack Rupert Murdoch as he was being questioned by MPs has been named as comedian Jonnie Marbles by Sky news sources. Mr Murdoch’s wife Wendi and his son James immediately jumped to his defence as the attack was launched while MPs were asking their final questions of the two men.

MP Chris Bryant condemned the attack in which he said the media mogul had a plate of foam pushed into his face. Wendi Murdoch, who had been sitting behind her husband as he gave his evidence to the committee, leapt up and pushed the assailant away. She then smacked the plate over the demonstrator as he was led away by police. Members of the audience described how the protester said “You naughty billionaire” to Mr Murdoch as he carried out the attack. The hearing was suspended as the man, wearing a checked shirt, was detained by police.

You can watch the video of the protester attacking Rupert Murdoch here


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