Nintendo DSi White Screen when load game with AceKard 2i

If you have a AceKard 2i in a Nintendo DSi and you have put games on it then you load the game and both screens go white this could be the fix for you, it worked for me !.  The only game that worked for me was Mario Kart the other random 10 i put on all did the same thing.

1. Backup your current memory card.
2. Download Panasonic SD formatter from here ( ) i know your card is not Panasonic but trust me it works, and this is the genuine download from Panasonic Japan website. 
3. Install the software.
4. Do a quick format of the memory card with the software.
5. Download the Akaio ROM software version 1.8.7 from ( )
6. Extract the RAR and copy to your card.
7. Copy your games back on the card and all now works (well it did for me !)

If it works let me know.


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