10 Years On From September 11th 2001

People say that there is going to be an event in life that most people remember where and when they was when the event happened in the world.  The event in 2001 happened on 11th September 2001 and was the terrorist attack on America.  Most people you speak to about this day will remember where they were when they heard the news.

On that day I was doing a major network upgrade at a site here in Stoke-on-Trent, it had been pre arranged and there would be no internet or  e-mail access that day as I was installing a new firewall.  I remember I started on site at 9am and as normal with these type of jobs things didn’t go to plan and the firewall didn’t work as it should have, after much playing around I started to phone the support company for the firewall.  I was tucked away in a small server room most of the day.  I can remember been on the phone to them and they said to me had I heard what had just happened in America I said no as I was unable to check on the internet or e-mail as it was not working.  I went into one of the offices and heard about it on the radio. 

Later that day I got the internet and email working again, and managed to read what was going on and take a look at some of the images and video that was online.   That night I went home and stayed up all night watching the events of the day on various news channels such as Sky News, CNN and Fox News.  Most of it I did manage to record and have it on video tapes that I later transfered to DVD.

I would like to know your story, where were you that day can you remember what you were doing ?


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