Tunnel Trader – Review Part 3

Ok so this is the last and final review of John Pipers Tunnel Trader system.  I have had this for over 3 weeks now and tried it a number of times.  To me the book was not worth the money, as there is many empty pages, and many pages of life history that you dont really want to know, then there is the sections on how it works, it explains well how it works but not as much as how to do it, that bit is up to you.  And for it to work you need to fully understand what you have read.  Maybe it was me or maybe it didnt work who knows.
The other day I decided to send it back as i had no where near made the amount of money the book says you can make, yes at times I did make a little money but not much to talk about, in the end I lost more than I made. 

When I did look to send it back it does not say anywhere in the guide how to send it back at all, which I guess they dont want you to send it back.  I sent there customer services a e-mail and after 2 days I had no reply, today I sent John himself a e-mail and I did get a reply back with the address to return it to.  So its going back in the post tomorrow (recorded delivery).  I will update again once I confirm they have returned my money.

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