530 File System Returned An Error on FTP/FTPS

I’m currently setting up a FTPS server on IIS7 on Windows 2008 when I came across another error.

I am using the “FTP User Isolation” feature with “Username Physical Directory – Enable Global Virtual Directory’s” selected on IIS7 so each user has a home folder and it’s quite easy to manage.

In my FTP logs on the IIS server I was getting File+system+returned+an+error with a code of 530, also when I tried to connect from a number of different FTP clients I also go error code 530. 

After playing around, I found I made a obvious mistake.  If you open your FTP site and click on “Basic Settings” (see image below) you set your web site path here, the mistake I made was that here I put the domain path, ( i.e. I put \myserverpathftpmydomain the reason I did this was because my actual folder path is \myserverpathftpmydomainusername as you need a separate username folder to match your usernames under the domain folder, you don’t need the domain name in this path, that was what was causing my errors )


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