Penkhull Jazz & Blues Festival 21st July 2012

So yesterday I went to the Penkhull for the Jazz & Blues Festival 21st July 2012 with 6 Towns radio as we were presenting the bands and playing music in between the bands on stage.  We were also broadcasting the whole thing live on the day from the middle of a church yard in Penkhull !. What a great day, the sun did come out and it was nice and hot, I arrived at about 11.30am and left at 9ish and it was still full then.

Went to see and record Hume ‘n’ Beans live at The Greyhound in Penkhull, they were as good as ever, the pub was really full good job I only needed the toilet once and one drink, I couldn’t wait in a queue that long a second time. I got 3 bits of video of Hume ‘n’ Beans live at The Greyhound.  You can watch them here ( Part 1, Part 2  and Part 3 ) I also got some audio as well.

There is a album with loads of photo’s in here.


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