Power calibration error – Nero 10

I have been having problems with Nero 10 now for the past 6 months or so, it will burn audio CD’s ok and normal data CD’d and DVD’s but if I tried to burn something in Nero Vision 10 then it would fail, so I saved the log file and in there amungst all the other stuff is “Power calibration error” which is a common fault if you read the forums.

So I checked what drive I had and it was a Sony DRU-190S and it was running 1.62 firmware I found the Sony site and there is now a version 1.63 firmware, so i downloaded it and updated my drive, rebooted the PC and what do you know problem solved.  Very strange as it used to work find then one day stopped working.  Here is the link to download the firmware from the official Sony woebsite. ( http://www.sony-optiarc.eu/supportservice/downloads/archive/downloadsarchive/retaildrives/dru190s.html )


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