Major BT Fault Newcastle Under Lyme – 26th February 2015

There is currently a major BT fault in the Newcastle Under Lyme area.  It is believed that a 3rd party contractor has damaged 2 x 96 core fibre cables in the area.

This has caused the loss of a wide range of services for a number of customers, for example loss of ISDN, ADSL and Fibre links.

As we speak BT are on site and dealing with the issue and it has been declared as a MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control) and no expected fix time has been given.   But given that BT are on site and working on the issue, and will be into the night it should be up in a few hours I suspect.

Update 27th Feb 2015 – The issue is still on going, BT are expected to fix the problem by 7am tomorrow morning.  BT are going to have to replace an entire length of damaged fibre cable, the job has turned out to be more complex that first thought. 


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