Beko WMA620W Flashing Light Wont Start

So, I have had my Beko WMA620W washer for what seems like almost 10 years, and its now developed a fault.  Now read all of this because the first bit maybe relevant to you it might not be, as the fault can just occur.

Here I explain how to replace the Bushes and fit a new door switch, oh and reset the machine as well.

The first bit…

So, as the story starts it was working fine, then all of a sudden when you pressed “Start” it would flash the Pause light and do nothing, pressing start would start the machine ok, now I didn’t have to tilt it, kick it, open the door or do anything, just pressing start a second time would start the machine.  This was fine, apart from the fact I could not put anything on a timer start as it would not kick in until I pressed start again.

So, it died, well just flashing Start/Pause light…

I came to use it the other week and it would not start at all, just kept flashing the pause light.  I have had mixed luck with washers over the years and some I have been able to fix others I have not.  Now a year or so after I had this the dog thought it would be a good idea to chew the seal one day when the door was left open, so I had a real job to replace the seal, but I did it in the end.

So, reading on-line and a common fault seemed to be the motor bushes that ware down and cause this.  So I thought I would check and replace them as I could get a set from ebay for around £10.  Now to do this you need to remove the motor, so do the following, with the power disconnected.

Or the fault could be the door switch, as it turned out to be in my case.

Replace The Bushes

1. Remove the top cover (two screws at back) pull it back and it slides off.
2. Remove the back cover, well the centre bit its a ovel shape cut out and there is about 6 or so screws that hold it in.  
3. You can now see the motor, as shown in the image below.

4. Now remove the belt, to do this just turn the drum and pull the belt towards you it will come off quite easy.
5. Now remove the motor, this is held in by 4 screws, two at the front, as you can see on this image and two at the rear left and right under the motor. My screws were a T40 star head, so I used my T40 star alan key tool to remove them, the bottom ones are quite tricky.  Once the 4 screws are out pull the motor forwards and it will pull out.
6. Remove the power cable from the motor.
7. Tilt the washer forwards so you can get the motor out from under the unit.
8. You can now remove the 2 bushes quite easy they are held on by two screws each side of the motor and have a single sensor cable attached to them. (as shown in image below)

9. Now as you can see from mine they look a bit warn, and at £10 for a pair its cheep to replace.  So remove and replace with new ones. Reconnect the sensor cable.
10. Your now ready to refit the motor, so slide it back under the washer and back into place, push it back into the screw fittings, it might be tight but a good push will get it back in.
11. Screw back in with all 4 screws.  
12. Reconnect the motor power cable.
13. Refit the belt.  This can be tricky. The way I did it was to put the belt on the motor at the bottom and then slide it around the drum while holding it tightly in place. You may think its going to snap.  But its designed to be on tight.
14. Re fit the back cover, and re fit the lid.  You have now replaced the bushes.

Replace The Door Switch

This is real easy to do, ensure that power is disconnected first.

1. Remove the top cover (two screws at back) pull it back and it slides off.
2. Open the door, where the door catch is, you will see two screws, unscrew the two screws. 
3.  Standing at the front of the washer put your arm down the front right and you will feel the switch, pull it and it will come out.
4. Pull up so you can see it, disconnect the power cable from it.
5. Reconnect replacement sitch to power cable.
6. To re fit all you need to do is slide it back in place, can be a fiddle as you need to get it to clip through the hole so the black shows.
7. Once you done this just screw it back in place.
8. Re fit the lid. And give it a try.

Here is the switch that you will replace.

Reset The Machine

You will probably read on-line that this might fix any fault, well it might some, but didn’t fix my fault as the machine would not even start, but its worth knowing this anyway.

1. Turn off at switch.
2. Turn temp to 90 and spin off
3. Turn on and hold the start button for about 5 seconds.
4. Lights will flash and this has now reset any cycle that was in progress.

The Outcome  

So first of all I replace the bushes, this did not fix the machine, but I had spent around £10 so cant complain really.  Then I replaced the door switch again, around £10 and this did fix the problem.  Although either can cause this fault, but these are the two most common causes of this fault on this type of Beko.  Now I have a working washer with new bushes that will last another 10 years and a new door switch.  Lets hope it will last me a long time, any questions just ask away.  


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