Johannesburg news crew mugged while on camera

Did you see the video of SABC news reporter Vuyo Mvoko been mugged live on air ? Check out the video below.  It appears he was mugged by 3 men. Two can bee seen quite clear on camera the third man appears only for a spit second.  They stole a number of mobile phones and the laptop that was been used to broadcast the feed.  Many say they did not take the camera as it would be hard to sell and worthless to them.

The incident took place on Tuesday night on the Barry Hertzog Avenue bridge that overlooks Johannesburg’s Milpark Hospital.

In March of 2016 it was reported that the two men who robbed the SABC crew at gunpoint in Millpark Johannesburg have pleaded guilty. The foreign nationals accosted journalist Vuyo Mvoko and his team while setting up for a live crossing outside Milpark hospital. The two accused have also been linked to other crimes in the area.


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