Review E-PRANCE® D101 FHD 3.0 Inch TFT Screen Car Video Recorder (Part 1)

Review E-PRANCE® D101 FHD 3.0 Inch TFT Screen Car Video Recorder 

If purchased from Amazon it comes with a memory card, so no need to buy extra, I had the 32Gb version myself.

My first review is using the out of box settings in daytime conditions.

This is a bit of a quick review so more to add in Part 2 I think including some night time driving.

So to install is quite easy.  Well as easy as you make it really.  I hid my cables behind the roof panel and side one and then under the steering wheel and round to the cigarette lighter socket, there was just enough cable for me and only a few inches spare, but my car is a large estate so probably the longest cable run.  

When you plug it in all you really need to do is set the time and date unless you want to play around with the other features as well.

The manual is quite poor but you can just about understand it, this was the main thing people on the reviews on Amazon commented about.

It will auto record as it gets power so this is when the car starts usually. Unless for some strange reason your cigarette lighter is permanently live, which would not be the norm. 

The video quality is HD unlike the cheep £10 ones that you buy that claim to be HD.  The sound quality is also great as you will hear on my video.

Recording wise it will loop so when the card is full it will delete the oldest file and start again.

With a 32gb SD card it’s supposed to record 240 mins at 1080p but I will let you know. On my video it was set at 1080 quality.  This card to me is the ideal size to keep the video on. 

Below is a test video I did on this camera.


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