EasyAcc 5000mAh Power Bank Review

I purchased the EasyAcc 5000mAh power bank last week, here is my review of this product so far.

So, to start with I fully charged the EasyAcc via my mains charger.

My Samsung S4 phone was at 20% battery so I connected it up and here is the results.

20% at 18:53 – Connected up
32% at 19:34
36% at 19:44
52% at 20:24

During the above test I maybe checked the battery status a few times to keep a eye on it, and my screen is set to stay on for 1 minute also, where most may only stay on for a few seconds. 

At the end of this short “boost” test the EasyAcc had only dropped one light on the battery indicator, which is good really. 

Size wise its a little smaller than my Samsung S4, but would fit easy in a coat pocket or bag, the cable that comes with it is small also, maybe a few inches in length.  

I need to do a full charge test to see how good it really works, but imagine your on a night out and drop it in your coat pocket or bag on charge for a hour you will get a good 25-30% extra charge in 1 hour I guess.

The device has a test button with 4 blue lights to show its battery status which is useful.  


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