MP3 Recording App For Android (Samsung S2)

So, I have the need to record audio on my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile phone that is of a good quality so I have been testing some apps from the Android app store.  The best one I found was one called “Hi-Q MP3 Recorder” there is a free version, that is limited to 10mins per recording and then there is the full paid for version that is currently on sale at £2.39.

As I need to record some interviews then it needs to be good quality and have the ability to record for some time if required, hence my need to purchase the full version once I downloaded the free version first and tested it worked ok.

The app records to MP3 by default, I don’t know if you can change this, but I require MP3 anyway.  You can record at 128k, 96k, 64k or 32k.  I set mine as the 128k as this will give best results.

There is also a “Gain” option in the settings and this will increase the volume of the microphone.  I did some tests and set it at max gain which was +20db and it was really loud and clear with me standing 2m away from the phone, the only problem was you could hear a pin drop or in my case the rain outside, the squeak of the chair etc, so I dropped it down to +10Db gain and that’s a lot better, you can put the phone on the table and interview someone at normal voice level and not pick up to much background sounds. 

For most things the built in sound recorder I found was a very good quality, but I needed to record in high quality MP3 so I had to go with a third party app like this one.


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